Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Visions of Beauty Gallery 2: Kayly Iali

Open now on the upper floor of the Visions of Beauty Gallery 2 is an exhibition of physical world art by Kayly Iali, featuring pieces from her sketchbook as well as paintings. Untitled, so far as I could tell, the exhibition includes 11 pen-and-ink architectural sketches, together with a selection of what appear to be pen-and-watercolour paintings, to offer a total of 28 images (including what might be regarded as the “title” image to be appreciated.

I’ve long admired the skill of those who can draw or paint – I lack any such abilities in either sphere – and I also have a love of architecture, so this exhibition really appeals to me. The pen-and-ink drawing, showing specific elements of buildings, coupled with the angle from which they have been captured, are marvellous exercises in art and perspective. They present not just…

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