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Diomita Plaza Gallery: LuAnne Anatine

Now open at the Diomita Plaza Gallery / R&D Gallery is an exhibition by (LeeLu Anatine) entitled Whimsy and Fantasy, which opened on July 16th, 2018.

An artist / illustrator in the physical world, LuAnne focuses on fantasy and nature art as her core themes, and she has brought her art into Second Life for a broader audience to appreciate and enjoy – and I am, for one, pleased that she has.  On display are 18 pieces of her work, all of which are available for purchase at a very modest price, which perfectly exemplify her expressions of both fantasy and nature.

Diomita Plaza Gallery: LuAnne Anatine

These really are delightful pieces, each an individual study, rather than a scene or setting. Everyone of them is captivating to the eye, with most rich in colour, adding to their natural depth and beauty.

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