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Monroe Snook Art Bistro

Monroe Snook has a new home for her art, courtesy of Milly Sharple. Called the Art Bistro, it offers an impressive insight into Monroe’s art, both from the physical world and from within SL.

Art expression for me is in the experience of the creative process. The thrill of a piece as it unveils itself as I work. The process can be slow and tedious or a quick snap. The work is in command – I am but its servant.

– Monroe Snook

Monroe Snook Art Bistro

Monroe’s physical art is a fascinating blend of nature and abstract; wonderful plant-like creations, some mindful of sea anemones or even triffids, others organic forms of fractal images. There is a rich vibrancy on the use of colours in these images that adds depth to the feeling they are each alive, whether plant-like in form or more crustacean…

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