Holiday Photo Contest 2018

The Virtual World Educator


Tayren Theas and Hig Bing are sponsoring a Holiday photo contest on beautiful Wind Struck. Simply wear a costume from Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions (TFF) or Hig’s shops (which are on the island), post to Flickr (or we can for you), and you could win one of three fantastic top prizes! No purchase necessary – we have special freebies available, but you can qualify for higher cash prizes by using purchased outfits from TFF or Hig’s, as listed below.


Category 1: NEW PURCHASE (from Nov 1, 2018) of 250 L or more at TFF and/or Hig’s (a combination purchase of 250 or higher is OK, can be from either store.)

ONE WINNER: 2000 L + exclusive gift

Category 2: NEW PURCHASE (from Nov 1, 2018) of 150 L to 249 L at TFF and/or Hig’s (a combo is ok)

ONE WINNER: 1000 L + exclusive gift

Category 3: NEW…

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