the drax files radio hour

show #2020.png show #202

…and here we are in high fidelity at a place called @thespot, randomly engaging in conversation. slightly edited version of friday’s stream is on offer today & jo yardley and i spar for half the show on vw minutiae like only we can…

enjoy a super extra long and mad podcast = shrooms for the ears:

more to consume below:

  • we touch on EEP briefly [more on this with special linden guests at a later point] = here is the discussion from the sl community forums & also the third party viewer meeting video:
  • the original live stream from our visit featuring [the musical stylings of] kevin thomas, loki eliot and daisy gator among so many other familiar faces …
  • the BBC is on the case: for them sl is a simulation game from the early 00s ….

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