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Diotima Art Gallery: Dancing Beauties

This review might be coming a little late in the day – so my apologies to all, especially the artist. However, May 20th saw the opening of an exhibition at Diotima Art Gallery curated by Redi (Red Bikcin) featuring the remarkable work of artist ViktorSavior.

Viktor is a mixed-media artist whose work spans both the physical world and Second Life. I first encountered it at the start of the year (see here for more), witnessing his paintings and – particularly – his drawings, which immediately captivated me. Since then I’ve been to several exhibitions featuring his work, and have continued to admire it.

Diotima Art Gallery: Dancing Beauties

With Dancing Beauties, the title of his display at Diotima Gallery, Viktor once again presents a selection of his  monochrome  drawings in an exhibition that can be broadly split into two…

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