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Second Life's 16th Birthday: Main Stage Second Life’s 16th Birthday: Main Stage

As this post appears on Second Sighting, the celebrations of Second Life’s 16th anniversary (ok, let’s call it birthday, since it’s known as SL16B, anyway) will be officially starting – yeah! From today, June 20, until July 8, the party in the SL16B sims will rock the grid in an event that’s already a milestone: after seven editions organized by Second Life’s residents (from SL9B to SL15B), the event is back on Linden Lab’s hands as a yearly awaited occasion, which shows that the community succeeded in keeping the tradition of commemorating SL’s birthdays alive and vibrant.

SL16B Welcome Area SL16B Welcome Area

A Diner at SL16B: inspired on the 1950s A Diner at SL16B: inspired in the 1950s

A toy store at SL16B A toy store at SL16B

As SL is celebrating its “Sweet Sixteen”, the sims are decorated following a retro 1950s theme. The fact that the event has been conceived and organized by the Lindens and…

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