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Slavic Rebirth: Art Gallery

Currently open through until July 20th is a celebration of pre-Christian Russia entitled Slavic Rebirth, the opening of which was intentional timed to coincide with the summer solstice. I  was alerted to the event by ViktorSavior, who will also be presenting his art at the event, combined with the poetry of AlenaPit.

Occupying floating islands bearing builds by Arin Bellios that float high above Isles of Devotion, the Full region held by Djembe Dragonfire, who has donated the space to the event free of charge, Slavic Rebirth is a multi-faceted event featuring art, music, workshops, a fashion show, and a market. The organisers describe the event thus:

This is the world BEFORE the arrival of Christianity in the Russian lands. This is paganism in its best  manifestation, unity with nature and native gods. This is the strength of the spirit, purity of thoughts…

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