Daniel Voyager

Tapestry of Time at SL16B

Today (23rd June) marks Second Life official 16th birthday. Second Life is still one of the best virtual worlds out there today.

The party is still going on at the SL16B regions. Next week marks the start of Meet the Lindens Q&As sessions. It’s a great way of hearing directly from Linden Lab on things they are working on. I would imagine we will be hearing more about the new Linden Homes in the days ahead.

New homes and houseboats

Don’t forget to visit the Tapestry of Time attraction at SL16B which is very interesting indeed looking back at the past 16 years of Second Life. For all those that love Second Life history this is definitely worth seeing.

Happy 16th Birthday Second Life. Thanks to Linden Lab for organising SL16B and for all the hard work it’s taken over the years to get Second…

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