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It’s so fun to change windlights in Second Life. I make my own because I am never happy. I notice in the edit window you can control the movement and color of the clouds too. Thats exciting.

Did you know that you can change the style of your clouds inside the Firestorm viewer? Maybe you can inside the SL viewer too I don’t know. But I am talking about the Firestorm viewer today. What you do is go to Preferences and follow this image….

Preferences>Firestrorm>Windlight>Cloud Texture

When you change the cloud texture you will need to restart the viewer to see the change to each different cloud texture. They are all different and in my opinion the Cumulo-Nimbus is my favorite. It looks the most real.

Please click these images to see them larger!

Cloud Texture Cumulo-Nimbus.tga

Cloud Texture Default.tga

Cloud Texture Alto-Cumulus.tga

Cloud Texture Layered.tga

So you can see…

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