Prim Perfect

The Moles of the Linden Department of Public Works come in an impressive variety of sizes and shapes – and today you’ll have a chance to meet some of them as they appear in a special Meet the Moles event in the Auditorium at SL16B at 2pm SLT today.

This year, the industrious Moles of the Linden Department for Public Works have been incredibly busy! Not only have they built and organised much of the infrastructure of the Birthday, but they have also created the hugely popular new Linden Homes. Abnor and Naughty Mole will be joining Saffia on stage (and we’ll probably meet a few more Moles as well) who’ll be talking about their work and their role in the world of Second Life. Patch Linden will also be joining us on stage.

Meet the Moles! Meet the Moles!

So who (and what) are the Moles? They’re independent contractors who work on…

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