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223 baboon.png show #223

and it is a wrap: drax devoured the “memory, sorrow & thorn” trilogy in record time & brushed up on “otherland” to prep for bestselling scifi/fantasy author tad williams‘ appearance in sansar.

what an event: tad for the first time in vr, hosted by linden lab at their sf hq. 2 avatars, one “handmade” by vassay [based on rl photos of tad’s head shot by bagnaria] with a shirt by solas & a commissioned baboon in a suit [crafted by silas merlin] who turned out to be a mandril after all.

enjoy a conversation about early early vr, interactive tv, libertarianism [well tad says the word & i put it in here just for opportunistic seo purposes] & why epic means epic and why fantasy does not have to be garbage escapism:

and now read/watch on for more context below:

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