Myra Wildmist

Most of us are wandering around SL and other virtual worlds (e.g. MMOs) looking at things in two dimensions: Things far away are just as sharp as things near. Things might seem smaller in the distance, and that’s a great way to give us a simple impression of distance, but in real life things in the distance get harder to see, too. In real life, stuff in the distance gets fuzzier.

This fuzziness is determined by your depth of field (DoF). Without DoF, your photos will always look 2D and flat. There’s absolutely nothing “wrong” with your photos looking flat, but if you want more realistic looking photos in SL, you need to turn on your DoF.

No depth of field No dof. Images look flat.

With depth of field With depth of field on, images have more depth, looking more realistic.

What is depth of field?

Depth of field is simply how far away from the point…

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