Join us today for the grand opening exhibition of Art by Kody Meyers @ The Windlight Art Gallery! Today’s event will be from 1 to 3pm slt and dress code is casual. The event will feature the following two live performers:

1pm to 2pm slt – Abby Jaidov

2pm to 3pm slt -Erika Ordinary


You can learn more about Kody Meyers below:

KodyMeyers Resident

Capturing the wonderful ambiance and environments created by so many talented landscapers in Second Life is my way to relax and explore my imagination.

Each picture depicts a story or is a reminder of an experience one can reflect upon when admiring it. As a perfectionist, I take the time necessary to capture the picture, experimenting with different angles, framings and windlights, until the perfect shot is created — the one that comes alive.

Using different programs and techniques to create my pictures, the result is always a surprise. My goal is to portray the magic behind the raw image. To be able to contribute to peace and happiness in this world is an honor and an endless pleasure.
Flickr :


1st Place : BH Photo Contest Winter Secrets – May 2016
1st Place : MAGICAL SL MOMENTS End of Summer Photo Competition – September 2016
1st Place : Brook Hill Photo Contest “What Floats Your Boat” – September 2016
1st Place :Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show 2D SL Juried Art:
2nd Best in Show : Kultivate Spring 17 Art Show

* Part of The Permanent Collection of Aurelius-Fallen Art Collection, Museum and Art Gallery.


* Brook Hill Art Gallery, April 3-June 14, 2016

* Windlight Art Gallery & Windlight Magazine, July and August 2016

* StarZ Art Corner, August-September 2016

* Virtual Chelsea Hotel, September 2016

* Windlight Art Gallery & Windlight Magazine, September and October 2016

* Windlight Art Gallery & Windlight Magazine, November and December 2016

* 2D artist at Windlight Art Gallery’s Summer Art Show 2016

* 2016 Winter Showcase & Art Show Artist

* 2016 Rock your Rack Art Show and Auction

* Art at the Park – December 2016 to January 2017

* Select Gallery – January 2017

* The Night Gallery – January- February 2017

* The Select Gallery – March 2017

* Windlight Art Gallery & Windlight Magazine, May and July 2017

* Kody Meyers Gallery – Permanent

Second U Magazine
Biker’s Weekly Magazine Publisher
Kultivate Magazine : May 2017, , pages 62-73


Muddy’s Music Cafe:


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