What the Huck?

Now that the trailer for Stömol is done, I can get down to the serious business of procrastinating over doing the audio for the movie. Since I promised a series of ‘how to’ blog posts back in September, I’m going to start with that.

I’ll begin with the basic tools. To anyone who’s dabbled with machinima in Second Life, the following will likely be nothing new. The problem with this sort of stuff, however, is that people rarely take the time to write it all down because they assume everyone knows it. It’s a human weakness that we tend to forget that we didn’t once know the stuff that we know now, as evidenced by the SL residents who still seem to think that all the paraphernalia associated with mesh bodies and ‘appliers’ is easy (whilst still expressing astonishment that more people don’t take up SL). Luckily, one of my…

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