The brand new Kultivate Signature Gallery, which will feature 3 floors of artwork by an established artist will open its doors on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 @ 1pm slt and will feature the artwork of Melusina Parkin.

The exhibit, “Listening to the Silence,” was described by Melusina in her own words below:

Listening to the silence - preview

A photograph is the only way to go silently through a city, to go silently through the world
(J. Baudrillard)

Sounds and words fill the world up. Nature talks by wind whistling, waves lapping, animal sounds; humans speak, cities talk by signs. Silence is rare and it’s never absolute. It’s a gem we have to keep carefully. Silence allows us seeing the world without the distractions caused by the sounds and seeing more clearly our interior worlds.

A photograph doesn’t produce sounds, although it can suggest them; so we can observe things just imagining their noise or appreciating their quietness. Images stop any movement, then they stop any sound as well. Silent images – images of silent things – are closely related to a sense of loneliness and of absence; we can multiply the meanings we give them.

Jean Baudrillard’s quote I’ve chosen to introduce this exhibit expresses at its best the inspiration I’ve followed.

Enjoy your visit!

The event will feature live performers Parker Static & SaraMarie Philly. Slurl:

You can learn more about Melusina below:


Melusina Parkin

I live in SL since September 2008. I’ve been a fashion manager, a journalist, a furniture
creator, a builder, a decorator and a photographer. At this moment, I own an Art Deco
furniture shop called Melu Deco.

As a photographer, I exhibited my works in many SL galleries like Rose Theatre, Nitroglobus and Dixmix, in solo and collective shows (about 50).
I’ve won prizes in some photo contest in SL and I have been trainer at Visionaire Institute for Photography. My Flickr counts more than 12000 photographs and has had more than 4 mlns visits.

On my photography style

I don’t like so much talking about my photos. They are what they are. Adding words to
images is a risky matter: they drive the way observers look at images. Images can talk by
themselves, and observer makes they do that, according to his/her feelings.

Neither I have special things to say about style and technique, but the obvious ones every
amateur or professional photographer can tell. I shot what I see, and I give my glance to
the observer as a proposal of way of seeing things. Things suggest me something and
catch my eye: I like to consider myself as a slave of my subjects. They make me fall in
love with a perspective, a color, a shade, a shape. I would like observers fall in love with
the images and become slaves of them as well.

Many of my photos tend towards minimalism, that’s my main inclination: catching a simple detail from daily life or usual landscapes, enhancing it, making it protagonist of mostly empty scenes. This reveals its meaning or can push the observer to give it her/his own.

Minimalism stresses void, space, geometries: you can be confused by that, but you can
also been led to meditate about what things are when they are out of the crowd.
Some of my pictures go towards a surreal mood. It’s another way to look at the world by
an unusual gaze: there’s no need to see winged horses or green sunsets to trespass the
real: you can feel puzzled even by a line of streetlights in the mist or by a piano set on a
streets crossing.

Finally, I take and edit some of my photos in a vintage mood. Second Life makes old
times live again and it pushes me to enhance my passion for reflections about past and
present, absences and losses, nostalgia, love or hate for the past.

Shadows, clean lines, muted colors are the tools by which I try to express all that. But the
main feature of my works is the lack of human beings: usually, you can’t see people in my pictures, although they are. Since a virtual world is made by its users, not only objects and buildings, but even nature, landscapes, skyes and clouds are made by them; they express people’s bias and souls.

“It’s possible to photograph what isn’t here. It’s only damned difficult” says a
photographer in a W. Gibson’s story. My aim is to succeed in doing it.


Virtual Exhibits blog:

On line book Second Life exhibits 2011-2019


Melusina Photo Gallery

Melu Deco shop:

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