5th Annual Kultivate Spring Art Show Juried Winners!


Congratulations to all of our winners of the 5th Annual Kultivate Spring Art Show!

1st Place: Skye Joubert
2nd Place: Jamee Sandalwood
3rd Place: Viktor Savior

RL Life Abstract Art:
1st Place: Sabine Mortenwold
2nd Place: Judilynn India
3rd Place: Skye Joubert
Honorable Mentions: Sheba Blitz, Matt Thomson, & Paineful Resident

RL Based Portraits:
Winner: Skye Joubert

RL Black & White:
Winner: Solana Python
Runner Up: Viktor Savior

SL Based Abstract Art:
Winner: Kapaan Resident

SL Based Portraits
1st Place: Myra Wildmist
2nd Place: KodyMeyers Resident
3rd Place: Alex Avion
Honorable Mentions: Kapaan Resident & Viktor Savior

SL Based Landscapes:
1st Place: KodyMeyers Resident
2nd Place: Alex Avion
3rd Place: Jamee Sandalwood
Honorable Mentions: Syphera Inaka, Seiko, Anouk Lafavre, Kapaan Resident, Freedom Voix, & Viktor Savior

SL Based Black & White:
1st Place: KodyMeyers Resident
2nd Place: Myra Wildmist
3rd Place: Anouk Lafavre

1st Place: Angelus Putzo
2nd Place: Marja
3rd Place: Lothar Lee
4th Place: Kelsey Yuitza
Honorable Mentions: Virginia Dare, Matt Thomson, D Ashby, and Kimble Coles



Published by Johannes Huntsman

Owner, Publisher, & Editor In Chief of KultivateMagazine www.kultivatemagazine.com

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