Thar She Blows!

We had our 4th Bandit 25R race yesterday and we are getting slowly into it.

Yvonne came for the first time and tried a first race with us. Vinyl was very curious about the B25R and so i gave her a ride in my boat for the race to see what the boat can do. Additional Candy and Dahlia with Dariah as her crew joined us in this race.

We used our normal Course TrYC Bandit 25R with wind 18knots from North West.

The start was without issues and i had a nice Duell with Candy to the first buoy. Dahlia and Yvonne followed us. On the way from wp4 to 5 Candy crashed but could come back quickly and continued the race. She had then a nice Duell with Dahlia until the end. Unfortunately the world didnt rez for Yvonne in front of her when she reached a sim…

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