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Second Norway, March 2020

At the end of April I was able to confirm that Second Norway, after recent concerns about its future, would be continuing as a part of the Luxory Estates group, with Vanity Bonetto and her team taking over day-to-day management of things – land management and sales / rentals, etc., with Ey, Mialinn, SlaYeR, joining the Luxory team with responsibilities for the road and rail network, management of the Second Norway airport and for social / community elements within the estate. See: Second Norway: the future is bright.

In that article, I noted that as part of the change-over, there would be a certain amount of work being put into the estate, with the northern regions being re-worked to offer new island home spaces, together with a re-laying of roads and rail systems through the more connected regions within the estate.

Second Norway: one of…

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