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famed award-winning editor ann vandermeerand x-prize show-runner eric desatnik were guests at the book club last wednesday, together with the biggest in-world crowd of [befittingly!!] colorful avatars we ever had. also joining us were a handful of high-profile speculative fiction authors from the “avatars inc.” anthology and the fab folks from wunderkind pr.

did madness ensue? were bat avatars sighted? reportedly, moderator drax and producer strawberry lost 3 pounds each sweating through the soundcheck as the clock was ticking and the special space station venue’s teleporter was humming, however you. the viewer/listener may focus on a wonderful conversation about the power of avatars, technology and storytelling. enjoy:

more to read and watch below:

  • the original livestream:
  • a reading list from bookshop dot org with a good title from each of the 22 contributors to the anthology:

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 12.14.31 PM

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