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another fabulous book club, this time focusing on independent publishing of the literary fiction variety [which, according to wikipedia is of higher value than commercial genre fiction…] = influx press is in the house!

shiromi pinto, annabel banks, gary budden and kit caless are guests, writers all of them and the two men [+ sanya semakula who was not present] running the business side of things. how do they survive in this world of nonstop audio/visual entertainment?

maybe we will find out! enjoy a fascinating discussion dominated by non-humanoid avatars ….

and here is some more context:

  • the original livestream from this past wednesday:
  • a few pics to illustrate “plastic emotions” – the love story between minette de silva and le corbusier are in order:
  • do you want to see these avatars in the REAL WORLD? Gary and Kit have a podcast:
  • found annabel reading poetry…

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