Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

ArtCare Gallery, August 2020: Eva Burroughs

Currently open at ArtCare Gallery, curated by Carelyna, is an ensemble exhibition featuring Black Rose, Juidlynn India, Eva Burroughs, Ladmilla and Eli, and Patrick Ireland, all of whom are presenting theme selects of their art.

For States of Mind, Lamilla and Eli present 24 of their image / poem combinations focused on reflections on life, love, relationships, some of which can lean towards darker, more regretful thoughts, all of which are richly evocative in both form and words – as is always the case with this unique pairing. Rounding out the exhibition is a thirteenth piece sans words, that offers a slide show of images that are again intended to poke at the grey matter.

ArtCare Gallery, August 2020: Ladmilla and Eli

With Flowers and Sea, Black Rose offers two selections of her physical world paintings which, as the title of…

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