Join us this Saturday, July 10, 2021 from 11am to 12pm slt as Kultivate presents The Art of Karma Daxeline!

Karma’s exhibition will take place at Kultivate Loft Gallery and will feature the following live performers:

Mimi Carpenter (11am to 12pm slt), Sarita Twisted (12pm to 1pm slt), and David Westbrook (1pm to 2pm slt)


You can learn more about Karma below:

Thanks for visiting my store! Please visit my Flickr page to view my complete portfolio.

My Main Page

I take most of my photos at my homemade studio in SL but there are some location shoots as well. I create my own avatars for models and try to give them an unconventional kind of beauty, a sex appeal that seems more real than cookie-cutter barbie doll avies. I usually focus on shapes, shadows and light, with overall composition and balance being the desired goal. Lastly, I try to depict my models doing ordinary things with a seemingly innocent natural sensuality. Don’t forget to visit my other galleries in SL!


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