Join us this Saturday, January 8, 2022 from 12 to 2pm slt for a new exhibition by artist Jennifer Steele, at Kultivate Signature Gallery! The event will feature live performers Ziggy Sixpence and SaraMarie Philly, with a casual dress code during both hours of the exhibition opening.


Below is more information about Jennifer Steele:

Dear Patron Of The Arts,

Thank-you so much for your interest in my work. I’ve attached landmarks of interest and links of interest below. Bloggers and enthusiasts, please see my copyright and blogger links below. You need my permission to post my work.

My work is either copy or transfer only. Transfer only is applied to limited edition work. Please check the work before purchasing.

I am an active Real Life Artist. I have my Masters of Fine Art from Wilfrid Laurier University. I hang at Tag Art Gallery in St. Catharines Ontario Canada. I’m a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. IRL I paint mostly commissioned works and murals as well as do sculpture out of soap stone and metal welding.

In SL, I’ve won two Grants from Linden Endowment for the Arts and from Second Life Endowment for the Arts. I actively help new RL artists in SL to negotiate their way through how to exhibit and market their work and I actively participate in donating works to SL and RL charitable organizations for auction.

My main technique is to work either en plein air or in my studio from photos. For abstract, I still use photos to re-inspire the mood and feeling of the experience. When I use a photo, for the most part it is one I’ve taken or have been given by a commissioned client. Occasionally I’ll also purchase stock photos if they fall within the theme of my work and inspire me. I work in acrylic, oil, watercolour, graphite, photography and digital art and my genres are Abstract Expressionism and Realism. I am an established RL artist of over 40 years. I’m a proud member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and my work hangs in galleries in Ontario Canada. No, I do not give out my personal real life private information. If you are interested in buying a RL original painting, please contact me at

In SL, I have my own gallery and I am available for exhibitions, large or small. I also do private showings of limited editions if you’re inclined to hold an art party at your home.


  1. Life In Wine Country Vineyards – Spring 2022
  2. Devoid of Colour – 2021/2022
  3. The Expressionist. – Abstract Expressionism with flare

When a touring exhibit retires, that means I’m basically giving SL a break from seeing the same thing over and over again. I like to keep my work rotating and fresh. You can always see a sample of each tour in my own gallery.

I’m also available for interview opportunities, curator services, and giving talks on art, art culture, marketing art, and the second life art scene. Please contact me for booking information.

Thank-you for taking the time to get to know me better,
Jennifer Steele (Steele Wilder)
My Discord Server:
My Email:

Wearable Art:

Jennifer Steele – Artist


Art Galleries of SL – Main Gallery (Invited Artist)
Art In The Park (Invited Artist)
Artists United Gallery (Resident Artists)
BOSL Christmas Show (Invited Artist)
BOSL Main Gallery (Invited Artist)
BOSL – Cafe Du Art (Invited Artist)
Burn2 Octoburn (Artist Grant)
Burn2 VRC (Invited Artist)
Crystal Cove – Feed A Smile Event (Invited Artist)
Elven Falls Art Collective (Invited Artist)
Fall for Art Hunt (Invited Artist)
Featured in Designing Worlds
Featured on Lab Gab 02-2021
FEED A SMILE – The Art Of Feeding Smiles (Invited Artist)
Firestorm Anniversary
Focus Magazine – Fair Gallery (2022)
Hathian Carnival (Invited Artist)
Heart of Dragons – Dragon’s Nightfall (Invited Artist)
Jennifer Steele Gallery (Owner and Resident Artist)
Kultivate (2022)
Linden Endowment For the Arts (Original)
Love & Love Gallery (December 2021)
One Billion Rising (Invited Artist)
Raglan Shire Artfest (Invited Artist)
Rainbow Painters Art Gallery (Resident Artist)
RFL Home Garden & Breedable Show (Invited Artist)
Rock Your Rack (Invited Artist)
Sisi Biedermann Gallery (Invited Artist)
SLEA GRANT Region 7 (Artist Grant)
The Galleries (Resident Artist)
UASL Gallery (Invited Artist)
UWA Art Show (Invited Artist)

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