Kultivate Presents Art by Elise Sirnah
SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/28/114/32

DATE: Sunday, January 30, 2022

TIME: 12 to 2pm slt

Join us this Sunday, at 12pm slt for the grand opening of the Art by Elise Sirnah Exhibition! The event will feature lie performers Winter and Ziggy Sixpence.

Elise Sirnah’s great love for exploration and photography has led her to many places meeting people from around the world. Many of them have been immortalized in her own unique way, via her second love taking photos. Her innate kindness has given her many friends whom she is always willing to support and help. After a few years break she returned to SL deciding to take photographs, learning much and meeting so many people with similar passion. After Mystic Timbers closed she wanted to continue the magic and relaxed feel and created Mimmo. A magical place, a paradise of inspiration for every photographer. Elise had much support from friends who have moved on to concentrate on other things, and is so grateful for their support.

Mimmo is now managed by Graice Shade and Elise, who are proud to offer Mimmo for all

Elise’s passion developed and she now blogs, expanding her horizons for the wonderful creators who sponsor her. She has also built the Beauty Factory Sim, which will soon be undergoing further changes.

Her restless spirit and inquisitive mind always leads her to new, creative paths whatever she does in her free time you will find her dancing and enjoying a glass of wine & Chocolate!

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