Join us at Kultivate on Thursday, May 18, 2023 @ 1pm slt for Ilyra Chardin’s “The Strangest Dream” exhibition! This original art installation will feature original music, lyrics, voice-overs, effects and story! Attire is moderate and/or PG sleepwear!

Kultivate Magazine presents ilyra chardin’s The Strangest Dream, a live performance art installation told in five scenes across 2 acts.


You can learn more about Ilyra Chardin below:

Ilyra chardin is an artist and designer, whose work has been featured in numerous installations and exhibits across the grid. Her art work crosses media and styles, spanning from real life and digital to SL art. First and foremost, Ilyra is a story teller. Whether in full SIM, 3D installation, sculpture, or 2D (original mixed media, hand-painted, hand-drawn, and photo) art, she includes multiple layers with depth of meaning. Her work has been the subject of numerous blogs, machinimas, and has been featured on Designing Worlds.

A selection of her artwork may now be viewed in a permanent exhibit at Emergent. Current Exhibitions & Art Installations change frequently and are best seen by looking at ilyra’s profile main page and in picks.

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