The spirit of dancing | Second Sighting

Dancing With Spirits is an art installation by theda (or Theda Tammas) which is being hosted throughout August and September by Galleria Kakku, curated by my friend Pieni. It presents to the viewer an intriguing ball of different figures – alone, in pairs and trios – and one can join them to be part of theContinue reading “The spirit of dancing | Second Sighting”

Ziki Questi’s Blog: Dancing with Spirits

Arts patrons who enjoyed Theda Tammas’s exhibition at LEA6, who stole the sky?, featured yesterday in this blog (read here), will also enjoy visiting her Dancing with Spirits, now on display at the Galleria Kakku, curated by Pieni. Far more intimate in scale than the LEA installation, Dancing with Spirits features a company of aboutContinue reading “Ziki Questi’s Blog: Dancing with Spirits”

Volume 1 of the Windlight Quill and Pen is Now Published!

Volume 1 of the Windlight Quill and Pen is now published! This new literary journal features the following poets and authors from Second Life and real life: This issue features short stories, poems, fiction, and nonfiction stories from the following authors: R. Crap Mariner, Eleseren Brianna, Glitterprincess Destiny, Kamille Kamala, Dawnbeam Dreamscape, Sabreman Carter, BayJoy,Continue reading “Volume 1 of the Windlight Quill and Pen is Now Published!”

Galleria Kakku’s Grand Opening Event – September 5, 2015!

Galleria Kakku Opening Event Saturday 5th of September, 2015. 􀀉Slurl: Samm Qendra Performs at 2pm SL Time Dj Story Tells at 3pm Art from all over the Grid! Contact: im Pieni with any questions 􀀈——————— More about the singer, whose talent gives us goosebumps: Samm Qendra Having quite a history of performing in rl,Continue reading “Galleria Kakku’s Grand Opening Event – September 5, 2015!”