The MadPea Auction raises over 1.6 million lindens for Feed A Smile to build a school in Kenya! I am happy to say that putting my prize up to auction, raised 10,000 lindens for this awesome cause! Inara has the scoop:

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

A purpose-built entertainments area has been built for the MadPea event, with auction boards placed around the dance floor and stage The purpose-built entertainments area built for the MadPea Charity Auction in aid of LLK and the Nakuru School construction project

The weekend of the 25th through 27th September marked the 2015 MadPea Charity Auction to help further the work of Live and Learn Kenya (LLK) in building a school in Nakuru, Kenya, where young children will be able to receive an education (you can read my background article on the event here).

The weekend featured live entertainment throughout, provided by 22 entertainers and live performers, at a specially constructed stage and location over Stargazer Bay, and gave people the opportunity to bid to spend time with a host of well-known Second Life residents and  Linden Lab staff, and to gain special goodies in the process.

Over 60 people had signed-up to participate in the auction, with boards placed around the stage area, which included a beautifully crafted model of…

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