We have decided to give you an early Christmas present in the form of a preview of the December 2015 issue of Windlight Magazine!

This issue will feature Toysoldier Thor, Haveit Neox, Lanai Jarrico, Kayly Iali, and Eleseren Brianna. We also have a special feature on the Seanchai Library. Our awesome contributors will explore the Dreams Sim, Art and Architecture, and elf roleplay. Very special thank you to Toysoldier Thor for our cover photo for this issue. The December issue will be available both online and in world on December 1!



2 thoughts on “Preview of December 2015 Issue of Windlight Magazine!

  1. I finally got to take a look at this fabulous magazine.( I was away from SL for awhile) Wonderful layout and the art is out of this world! Very inspiring. I’m very humbled to be allowed to show a few pieces at your gallery. Btw I’m also a storyteller- and I love images that tell a story!

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