“Shadows of Dream” at Nitroglobus Hall

Oema reviews the new exhibition at Nitroglobus Hall:

Nitroglobus Hall_05_001.png

The protagonists of the exhibition “Shadows of dream” hosted by Dido Petra Haas at Nitroglobus Hall are Angelika Corral and SheldonBr.

We’re going to know them better through a brief presentation of both.

About Angelika Corral

Angelika Corral is a self-motivated resourceful experimenter of photography in Second Life, translating her moods and ideas into images. Continually seeking new and inspiring approaches of artistic expression.

Her primary goal is to communicate by challenging inworld images. To achieve this, she develops her own poses (with Animare© and Anypose©) in order to convey her inspirations into images.
Her future goals: to further improve her digital photo art skills.

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/angelikacorralsl/


Nitroglobus Hall_03_001.png

About SheldonBR

Sheldon is a self taught RL artist, who has been drawing since his childhood. He spent some time studying the human anatomy and analyzing the works of the old masters, having Peter Paul Rubens as his inspiration.
His favorite mediums are charcoal, pastel and conté. Sheldon likes to draw, especially ‘the poetry of the human body’ with its gestures and motions.

Tools: pencils, chalks, crayons and erasers.
RL works, which he uploads into SL.

In order to enable the reader to have an immediate view of the show, I have attached some photos taken during the opening of which was held yesterday at 12:30 PM SLT.

In this way, the reader has a better idea what we’re talking about, always bearing in mind that it is appropriate and recommended a visit inworld in order to submerge himself in the charming ambiance of the place.

First, the preparation of the exhibition I liked it because it is simple and refined.

Essentially we are talking about a structure in the sky, two boxes at a right angle, cut in half by a transparent flooring that simulates the movement of the sea and lets see below.

The artistic works are arranged in a mirror, so that they appears to be a reflection of the same framework on the floor .

This aspect makes the exhibition particularly suggestive and intriguing.

Another interesting aspect is the combination of colors, which are white and black as the main theme of the gallery.

Which is why the atmosphere is elegant and magical, as it allows to give immediate emphasis to photos and paintings.

Even the size at which the photos and paintings are presented to visitors is an important element: the protagonists are the artists in their creative brilliance.

The visitor becomes small facing the artworks, admires, lets himself be intoxicated, involve.

He will be embraced by their size, their artistic grandeur, which transmits energy truly immersive.

It does not matter that we’re not talking about a real exhibition, but about a virtual one… the magic is the same.

When you go away, you have something extra that you had not before arriving, a cultural and human wealth that you carry around in your pilgrimage to the parallel and virtual worlds,but that has real effects on the mind and on the soul.

If I had to summarize the exhibition of both artists with a simple word, I would say “sensuality”.

A seduction of the women, where the common point between the two artists is that in some jobs you point to the detail of one aspect of the female body, in others is the figure as a whole.

When the woman is depicted as a whole, the image is hidden in some parts using the play of light and shadow.

Certain points of the body are illuminated to amaze and intrigue,more points are partly hidden to leave space to the imagination.

The female figures proposals are elegant, suggest the cultured and refined woman, devoted to self-care, both intellectual and physical.

The protagonist is conscious women to her needs above all, it focused on her physical and mental wellbeing.

And she is the woman who has a great relationship with her body, with her physicality.

She is not ashamed to show it, and indeed, she does so at best.

When she undresses, she does not put on immediately, but rather, she stops and strengthens the relationship with her physicality, her sensuality.

It is not important to compare with the other women, she is the most beautiful, she’s in the middle of (her) scene.

This is particularly true for both artists, the woman depicted is safe and attentive to her needs.

Another aspect that struck me about the show was the presence of some statues.

The author is Nitro Fireguard, who passed away last November.

He let, in my opinion, an extraordinary memory.

Nitroglobus Hall_06_001.png

The artistic legacy it leaves us and which remains exposed thanks to Dido, who was his partner for four years, is important, because through male and female forms are not represented in detail, but just mentioned, is able to convey feelings, thoughts, fear, awe, tenderness, love, kindness and passion at the same time.

I will speak more in detail of this artist in the future, perhaps in a post dedicated to him.

For now I invite everyone to go to the exhibition, which I have left all the coordinates and links to get there, so that everyone, both those who have an artistic knowledge and those who do not, but has the sensitivity to appreciate, it will bring out the best, an energy and a life force that only the true art is able to transmit.

Nitroglobus Hall, click to teleport

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