Art in a Living Room

Oema reviews the Living Room:

Living Room 01.png

Artistic aspects in a virtual living room

Have you ever thought of an art exhibition in a virtual living room?

This was the winning choice of Lagrange Spaceport, group owner of The Living Room @ Lagrange Point Spaceport.

The structure that hosts the sculptures of CioTToLiNa Xue and photographs of Thea Maiman is opened and divided by floors. A central staircase allows the passage from the first floor up to the last one, that is also the scene of live music events.

I like the combination of the sculptures and images and I think it’s a winner choice  in an art exhibition.

Especially when you find a way, a connection, a coupling between the 3D works and photographs.

As with the art exhibition hosted by The Living Room @ Lagrange Point Spaceport.

Living Room 02.png

I start by saying that I like the union of the two performances.

In both cases, the protagonist is a woman, as is often happens, the art depicts the female in her character traits, her body language, in the softness of her forms, in the kindness of her gestures and expressions.

In both works of art, sculpture and pictures, I see a need of growth or, perhaps better, of evolution.

Sometimes the theme of the representation is to escape, other times it is the transfiguration and meditation forced by (difficult) life events.

At first glance the sculptures appear more “joyful” than photos.

By looking more closely at the pictures, you will notice, however, that in every context, also in the apparent desolation, there is a bit of positivism, a barely visible light that gives hope, that is to imagine an evolution towards a greater awareness toward a broader understanding of themselves and the world and, therefore, towards a better balance and emotional stability.

But we proceed with order.


CioTToLiNa Xue BIO

“My name is Asia, I am a girl of 24 years, a student in veterinary medicine.
I live in a suburb of the city of Rome.
In Second Life I always appreciate those who make art.
I never dedicated doing this if not for the past seven months.
I found that with cinema 4d I can give life to my feelings and also express the hope to give to others.
I still have a lot to learn, and the idea of having to expose my works scares me, since I know I’m not good at creating, I must still learn a lot.
I spend almost all the time available to study and to work in a veterinary laboratory. Show art is for me a new thing, and a way to understand where I came and even if I do for me, the opinions of others are equally important”.

The 3D architecture of the works of CioTToLiNa Xue is made using the expensive software Cinema 4D.

The artist says that she started to join to the artistic salons of Second Life just by a few months because of commitments related to her Real Life, more and more absorbent.

Her young age (24 years) brings her to be little confident in her artistic skills that, on the contrary, stand out and are (rightly) appreciated by well-known names in the SL virtual platform.

On the other hand it is not surprising, since CioTToLiNa Xue is also (or should we say, first of all) artist in Real Life, since she is skilled in design.

The viewer likes her enthusiasm combined with her youth and modesty that characterize her, who enjoys not only the result of her work, but also her human qualities.

The female subjects depicting are sweet and harmonious, graceful poses, the look a bit lost of those who feel small before the world.

Living Room 03.png

The depictions of attitudes have like subject  serene meditation and fugue.

The artist evokes a femininity that finds her balance and wellness in an unbeatable setting.

And if on the one hand this context could be Second Life, on the other hand there is the realization that it can not be because it lived by the same people who populate the Real Life.

So here is the escape from Second Life (the title of one of her works) and she takes refuge in what is the only perfect harmony context, its wonderful inner world.

I also like the loving depictions that have nothing to envy to those of the best known artists in Second Life.

The sweetness of the poses express a genuine desire of complicity and tenderness.

The materials chosen are classic ones of sculptures of Real Life, as for example marble.

Often the statues lean a base, which is why they are perfect for SIM decoration that make the landscape the most important aspect (such as SIM for photographers).

I hope to see more work of this interesting artist, maybe hosted in open spaces like gardens.



Thea Maiman BIO

“Thea Maiman  – Second Life resident, Official Pixelfairy and Nonofficial Photographer.

Thea likes the interesting places, good live music and the funny friends.

Always curious and wondering, how many creative peoples live here.

She is here since 04/2008, maybe at first she was a bit addicted.

Nowadays her real life needs more time, but she still like to be here, in this awesome pixel-fairy-world  🙂

Her pictures are often music inspired, sarcastic, melancholic, sometimes a bit dark or the opposite all of these.  She had some exhibition here in the last eight years.

Thea’s RL avatar lives in Budapest in Hungary. 

Always busy, and sometimes at nights she uses her notebook as a pillow”.

Photos of  Thea Maiman are, at first sight, a mix of color and dark.

Living Room 04.png

Often the protagonist of her photos is a woman, alone or in couple.

And often the main theme of his paintings is a pain or suffering invariably accompanied by a light, from a point of color that gives hope for the future.

In her photos, that I follow on Flickr, I see the disappointment in the world, the impact of the purity with the harshness of life.

But I also see the rebirth, so I guess if I had to define in one word his work, I would say “evolution.”

The perfection of the soul clashes with the imperfection of life and eventually mingle.

From this union was born a woman, with the W uppercase, which is not (more) naive, is not (more) girl inside, but is aware of himself and the world.

And that is, in the world, a new strength to go forward (despite everything).

Congratulations to the two artists who were able to capture and transmit, the deepest feelings of their souls.

And congratulations to the owners of The Living Room @ Lagrange Point Spaceport that I hope will host again new artistic events.

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