Hi to all of the Windlight Readers! I am back with a second helping of SL Etiquette 101! As promised I will discuss how to handle performer cancellations and no shows.

You may have the perfect event lined up, invitations have been sent out, a large number have rsvped and then the day of the event arrives. You are going over your final checks and you receive a notecard and/or im that threatens to ruin the day:  the performer or entertainment cannot perform today. You are instantly left with anger, shock, and disbelief, after all your event was going perfectly well until this point. So what do you do? I have broken down steps into two categories: Non Emotional and Emotional. At this point your emotions are probably all over the place as you try to save your event and not get angry at the performer who canceled. Let’s begin with the non-emotional steps first.

Non Emotional Steps:
#1. Ask the manager: While you may not want to deal with the manager of the live performer or entertainment that just canceled on you, it is worth asking that person if they have a fill in or know someone who can step in quickly. I have been lucky in the past that I worked with a live performer manager who had numerous clients, so he was able to find another performer for my event.

#2. Resort to Previous Entertainment: If you have had live performers and event acts in the past, check to see if they can provide someone for your event or if they are available at such a short notice

3. Ask Friends: Your friends may know of a performer or entertainment that can fill in at such a short notice and it is worth a shot. Check your Second Life, skype, or Facebook friends list or any social media site where you know you can actually contact people.

4. Try Someone New: Check your inventory, if you have had events in the past, then you may have booking information and notecards from new performers who want to perform at your venue or event. This is always risky as you may not know anything about the quality of their performance or if they are even still active in Second Life, but it is worth a shot.

5. Go the DJ Route: Second Life is full of many djs who can be just as lively and bring fun to an event. Chances are you may know a few djs yourself. While not the same as a live performer or tribute band, dj’s are often available to fill in at a short notice and there are many last minute dj groups in Second Life where you can find someone. An example is DJ’s on Demand.

6. Go It Alone: If you have djed in the past or have the necessary equipment you can provide a stream and provide the entertainment.

7. Postpone or Cancel: This should be the last option as you will know that it can be very hard to get people in Second Life to agree to a set date and time for events and it may be hard to gather everyone for a new date and time. While this is a last resort, at times it is necessary if you feel that the event is ruined without the performer in question performing.

Emotional Steps:
Of course your emotions are running high at the moment. You are more than likely feeling angry, stressed, and a bunch of other things. Here are a few steps to deal with your emotions:

1. Take a 5 Minute Breather: while the situation may look grim and you may have to cancel the event, stand up and take a 5 minute break away from the computer. This will help you to not explode at the performer who canceled and/or the performer’s manager.

2. Teleport to a Calm Place: we all have our places that we like to visit in SL, that is peaceful. Such surroundings will more than likely help you to center yourself and figure out what to do.

3.  Put Busy or Auto Response on: as you are figuring out your next steps, do not talk to anyone, as your feelings about the situation may be projected on someone who does not deserve your emotions.

4. Discuss the Situation With Friends and/or Loved Ones: talking it out with people you care about in both worlds will not only calm you, but may help you find a solution.

Professional Steps:
You may decide that you do not want to do business with the performer and live entertainment in the future. Before you sever all business with either entity, consider the situation and why they may have had to cancel. Consider the following questions:  Is it due to real life? Was it an emergency cancellation? Have then canceled before in the past? Are they usually reliable? I would only sever the business relationship if you felt that you were wronged and this has occurred numerous times in the past or if the cancellation was due to the performer and/or live act wanting to not perform at your location but for another one instead.

In my next article, I will discuss how to handle being banned from a location in Second Life!

Until next time!


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