Bluesrocker and Eleseren Brianna at Living Room

Windlight Art Critic and Gallery Reviewer, Oema, reviews the latest exhibition at The Living Room:

BluesRocker Living Room 02.png

Magnificent. There are no other words to describe the photographic exhibition of BluesRocker and Eleseren Brianna hosted by Living Room.

Yesterday I attended with pleasure to the inauguration until the end of the night. In a magical and surreal ambient, the two artists exhibited their latest works, creating a harmonious artistic performance, despite the different training of the two. This is the aspect that strikes at first glance, the harmony of the whole. Balance and a surreal atmosphere created not only by the photographs of the two artists, but also from set design set up by Living Room.

This extraordinary place dedicated to the art, since some time has become a very important reference point for all those who love photography in S.Life. I am often to visit the successful events of the Living Room, always very popular and appreciated.

The owners are skilled in the choreographic creation of the environment in relation to the works of the artists exhibiting at the time. It ‘s a matter of which someone notices going to their events several times, the extraordinary ability to adapt the host environment artist hosted.

Apart from this, the two photographers, although, as I said, the different artistic career, have been able to create a harmonious exhibition, with images from the colors and subjects that seemed to tell narrative stories in sequence. Despite having read the two biographies BluesRocker and Eleseren Brianna, I struggled to distinguish between the works of one and the other one. This does not mean that each of them does not have a personal style, but they have been able to adapt, to meet each other, to create something harmonious, balanced.

BluesRocker Living Room 02 (3).png

As I said, Bluesrocker and Eleseren have different training. Bluesrocker belongs to the art since time: his interests are wide-ranging and range from classical painting to photography, from music to writing. He likes to explore all the artistic possibilities that S.Life offers, so has experience in different fields. He says, and I share this thought, which much prefers taking photos by visiting the beautiful SIMs in S.Life, instead of creating the setting artificially inside a studio. In fact this is true also for photography in R.Life, is more satisfying create photos in a real landscape, instead of creating the landscape in a fictional way with the use of graphics programs. For many aspects S.Life is no different from R.Life in the field of photography and as for the techniques to be used. Continuing with the presentation of BluesRocker, he says he started seriously with S.Life photography about a year and a half ago. He prefers different subjects, in fact he likes to take portraits, and also photographing landscapes. He says the only limit is the imagination in S.Life, because the possibilities that it offered to the artist are truly endless. BluesRocker also loves to write, then with his partner, Bones Delicioso-Rocker, writes a blog where he speaks about their travels in the various SIMs of S.Life. Care also his Flickr page, where updates its work.

Eleseren is new in the arts in S.Life, but has experience in other virtual environments, such Inworldz, in the years 2012/2013. Also in R.Life she trained originally as an Illustrator, with a B.A. (Hons) in Illustration from Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts. She is Also a trained Couture Designer Dressmaker bridalwear, ran her own business for several years, and a trained art therapist. In S.Life is primarily a model and designer, but also the Edge Curator and COO Windlight Magazine, successful magazine in the arts. Eleseren is new in S.Life in the arts, but not in absolute sense, as mentioned. Her capabilities are very visible in her works, which have nothing to envy to those of expert photographers. Has her own Flickr page continuously updated. I liked then the capacity of both artists to “meet each other”, to adapt to the reciprocal style, creating a show of success. The setting that they created is surreal.

Eleseren Living Room 01.png

Eleseren Living Room 02.png

The Eleseren colors are brighter than those of BluesRocker, a bit of color inherited from the fashion, I think. In fact in Eleseren photos she devoted much attention to the woman’s dress, as well as to the setting and the lights, of course. The pictures of both are true narrative stories, however, let the imagination of the observer. 

I think the success of photography in S.Life is mainly due to this aspect, the opportunity given the observer to “narrate the story” from an image. And the emotions are born from history, from participation in the narrative plot. We are history, with our personal way of seeing through our eyes. The cue is given by the photographer, whose skill and class is given mainly by its ability to involve the viewer. Most good photographers are able, in fact, to arouse emotions with one shot, which generate participation by the viewer. Art itself, both in R.Life that S.Life becomes more interactive, more immersive. Certainly the involvement is easier with a sophisticated 3D and with the use of scripts, however, the pictures are able to give strong feelings and attract a large audience, as the growth of Flickr and similar social networks related to the images shows widely.

So congratulations to these two skilled artists who were able to get involved with their images, transporting us to a world of emotions, in a choreographic and musical seamlessly integrated environment.

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