Oema reviews the art of Maddy (Magda Schmidtzau):


I know by chance Maddy (Magda Schmidtzau), she invites me on FB to an event related to the inauguration of her photographic show entertained by Diotima (Lilies Waves).
It says that the first impression is that one counts, I believe it’s true.
Just entranced, her photos strikes me since immediately.

The subjects are female almost all, for the more the same woman, blonde, with the same characteristics.
It changes the representation, the way in which the face and, at times, the female body is introduced to the observation.
Seeing the photo of the profile of this good Italian photographer, I like to imagine that the represented woman was the same Maddy.
One “Maddy” sweet, refined, intelligent, sensual, colored, spirited, elegant, perfumed.
These are the first adjectives that come me to mind remembering her show to Diotima.
I appreciate the photographic technique, the ability to express a thought, a feeling through a release.

Through her jobs, I know Maddy.
Her photos are positive, also when the representation is apparently sad, as in the woman’s photo from the great eyes soaked with tears (“Nostalgia“); the feeling that the image arouses me is not negative, if it expresses a rebirth a moment of passage.
I believe that the light is the motive for this positiveness that her jobs always arouse.
The bright reflexes have something of heat a gold point that is glimpse in almost every context.
In some cases Maddy loves to play with the colors, sprinkled on the represented blonde woman, as in a game among children.
In others “roses and butterflies” are the principal themes of the image.
Femininity and sensuality don’t miss in the proposed representations.
I think that this show is perfect for the beginning in the spring: flowers, butterflies and colors introduce the observer to the “beautiful season.”

Gleams of venus.png
Another aspect that I appreciate, is the shades on the represented woman: as if there was an object between the light-point and her that reflects her shade.
In the jobs exposed to Diotima the shades are to strips and they leave to the imagination of the observer to guess of what object it treats.
To continue, adores the contrast between the violet one and the gold, I hold it very sophisticated and refined.

The violet one of the makeup against the gold of the reflected light.
Also the landscapes that serve as background to the images (whereas there is a landscape) are elaborate in elegant and ladylike way.
In some cases it seems to see a workmanship in relief, as in a painting fact to hand.
Maddy has been a very pleasant discovery, of which amount carried over all the references to be able to appreciate her inworld.
I suggest to accept the variations of windlight of the environment for a best experience.

Maddy on Facebook




Maddy’s Dream Gallery

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