Windlight Magazine’s Art Critic & Gallery Reviewer, Oema, reviews the new exhibition on LEA 29:

LEA29 is hosting a wonderful artistic installation about a fascinating and a little known theme, the passage to the tithe dimension.
I have had the pleasure to go through the various “doors of the awareness“, living this experience with the due lightness.
At the landing point of LEA29 there is a synthetic presentation of the same artistic installation.
Nothing is explained regarding the tenth dimension and even regarding thing to expect from this virtual experience.
The reason is evident: to leave to the observer the pleasure to dive to the 3d reality which looks both surreal that captivating.
It’s notable the ability of Tansee, the author, to create objects 3D and to animate them entirely in an unique way.

Some movements of objects seem to me unbelievable, never seen before.
Beginning from the same Landing Point, where you are welcomed by an enchanting orange light projected on the floor creating to the geometric forms and of the very pleasant games of light.
I am very curious to see other things, above all because the theme of this representation is important for me.
And it’s for this reason that, without thinking too much, footstep through one of the first doors toward the “awakening of conscience.”
The observer is indeed struck by the ability in the 3D construction and from the ability to produce optic effects through the movement of lights.
The same artistic installation draws a great benefit from the formulations of windlight that must be approved as you are been created by the artist, because otherwise experience would be it deprives of meaning.
In fact, the whole structure is under water and the environment settings are created so that the light under water is prevailing of orange color, while above the water it is a blue intense nighttime.
The reason for this choice is that, through this double combination of colors, the objects in movement that you can found above the water create some very particular effects of light.
But what is the tenth dimension?
It is the dimension, the reality, more neighbor to God.
It says that more dimensions exist, that world or better the layer in which we are incarnate is just one of the so many.


The dimensions must be not thought as “layers of existence” but as “layers of the being“, therefore here and now the real dimension and all the other dimensions that exists in which we create our reality with the thought.
Positive thoughts are more neighbors to God, therefore surely more neighbors to the tithe dimension.
I believe that can be said that the tenth dimension is the objective of whatever being, human and not, incarnate and not.
It’s the perfection, the awareness of itself, the conscience of the why of the events and of the perfection entirely as it is.
Recently I have discussed with someone whom he affirmed that it cannot be spoken of “real art” within an artistic installation 3D, above all if the same one is a faithful reproduction of something of created by others.
The essential condition because someone can be defined artists it is to be creative, obviously.
Creative is who gives life to something new, something that was not before.

It’s true that in S.Life you talk about art with too facility, risking not to be taken seriously in the artistic environment.
For instance “art” it is not the sector of the fashion, “art” it is not the simple photo, even though graphically worked.
A thing is the fashion, another thing is the art. A thing is the graphics, another thing is the art.
About this it doesn’t discuss, otherwise he takes the risk to be misunderstood and ridiculed.

Nevertheless it is also true that in S.Life “art” can meant in a way more “soft”, in particular way if there are two conditions:
1) Original and unique creation
2) The artist wish to transmit a message, an emotion.
The artistic installation to LEA29 possesses these both requisite, therefore I believe that you can correctly speak about Art.
The experience to LEA29 has been suggestive and I have been stricken from the customization of every aspect, from the environment, to the objects 3D, from the movement of the same objects to the general preparation.
As always, here are all the references to visit it of person.

»Visit LEA29«

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