SL Photography: Saving your camera position

Myra Wildmist is back with another SL Photography Tip:

Last week, I introduced depth of field, optical versus digital zoom, and using Alt+LMB (left mouse button) to set your focus point. All of these things affect your camera position and your camera view.

Setting up a photo in Second Life can take time, sometimes a lot of time; getting the camera angle and focus point just the way you want might take hours (Sometimes it takes me days.).

So what happens when you get pulled away from your photo?

What if the dog needs to be walked or the boss wants you to actually do real life work – The nerve! – or something else pulls you away from the photo you’ve spent hours setting up?

Do you have to go back and spend time trying to get the camera make in position, again?

Fortunately, no. You can actually save your camera position using Cameratools.


You can access Cameratools from the Firestorm menu, World – Photo and Video – Cameratools, or from the keyboard – Ctrl+Shift+C.

Camera Tools

Cameratools gives you various options for controlling your camera movement, view angle (digital zoom), and a variety of other controls for controlling the way your  camera behaves. If you’re using a 3D mouse you can adjust the controls for that here, too.

Note: As with Phototools, Cameratools are not available in the Linden viewer.

Saving your camera position

Cameratools provides you with a variety of ways for controlling your camera, but its most useful feature by far is it allows you to save your camera position!

On the Cam Control 1 tab, pressing the eye icon with the down arrow saves your current camera position. The optical zoom, your focus, and the camera angle are all saved.

Now, go walk the dog, go to that all-so-important office meeting, go to have a drink with your friends, do whatever. Then come back to Second Life, return to the sim where you were working on your photo, bring up Cameratools, again, and press the other eye icon, the one with the up arrow  under it.

Voila! The camera returns to the position you saved before.

Note:  For some reason, the view angle, the digital zoom, is not saved. Don’t forget to write this down if you need it.

Style thoughts

Being able to save your camera position using cameratools is incredibly handy. Using it will save you a ton of time.



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