“The lost children” of Rose Borchovski @LEA 7

Windlight Art Critic and Gallery Reviewer, Oema, reviews the new LEA 7 Exhibition by Rose Borchovski:

It ‘s always a great pleasure to visit the 3d exhibitions of Rose and art installation in LEA 7 is no exception.

If I were to give a title to the extraordinary performance 3d hosted in LEA7 I would say “The lost children.”

The protagonists are, in fact, children, shown with all their joy of life and experience, but also with their confusion, dismay, sadness and, in some cases, violence.

Children emulate adults, for better or for worse, this is known.The models that inspired them are confused, are not like previous generations, rich with strong values. I think of my grandparents, but also to my parents and their times.


Women and men “strong”, capable of crossing very difficult periods of life with a great strength of mind, an innate ability in their generation, in their historical period. Of course not everything was perfect, good and evil co-existed as a living today, though adults of that time knew to delineate a road, a boundary that should not be crossed: their values were outlined in the rocks.

Today, the values are written in pencil, so you can remove quickly with a simple rubber.
We are no longer sure of anything, and we let ourselves be discouraged by small daily difficulties. Depression, invisible disease little known until two generations ago, is now one of the most common psychological problems.


The values are blurred, affirmed today and tomorrow denied, insecure, as we are, of what is true and what is not. The blend of races and cultures has definitely contributed to this lack of definition of the borders, but it is also true that it is by comparison with others that we can better understand what suits us and what does not. In a generation where adults do not know how to convey strong values, children are lost because they do not have a guide.
The models are confused, they do not know delineate the boundaries of the “right” and “wrong” through a healthy punishment and parents prefer to “let go” in case of child behavior can not be shared, rather than make them cry or annoy in any way.

And kids know it, they sense it, they take advantage.

These are the “lost children” of Rose, or at least those that I see in the 3d exhibition at LEA7.
Children saddened by television, children who help themselves, but also children who “beat”.Children playing, joyful, falling and will help to get up. Children, in short, of all types and shapes. Or, at least, of different shapes with regard to their nature, but in appearance the choice of Rose is identical children.


All children are depicted, in fact, identical, even though very different in behaviors and moods.
As if to say that children are and should be children, live their time, without being corrupted by inadequate models. Adult-children without certain values, children lost because of the inadequacy of their role models.And this sums up what I see in the exhibition of Rose Borchovski. With whom I congratulate on the extraordinary artistic work done.

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