Hi everyone! I am back with another side of SL Etiquette 101!

Imagine that you are with your loved one, both of you are in the nude and in that special place…you both start to get into the sensual mood…you begin typing away and noticed that your other half is vanished…you instantly im her and she says angrily, I accidentally took a mass tp..

The above scenario has more than likely happened to you or someone you know and I am here to explain how you can deal with mass teleports on both sides.

Why are you mass teleporting friends? This is a good question to ask yourself. You may be an event coordinator or a live performer or a dj and you obviously want as many people as possible to your event. Or maybe you are assisting a friend who is holding an event that is a little light on the attendees, so you decide to mass teleport your friends. Before you start selecting your friends and hitting the teleport to you command, think about their reactions.

Mass teleporting people in Second Life probably will not pack the event or venue you are teleporting to, in fact it may cause you to lose more than a few good friends if you do it too often.

Alternatives to mass teleporting:

There are many other ways to get people to go to your event or venue. First send out invites to everyone way ahead of time. Yes those old fashioned prims or textures with landmarks. Secondly list the event in search. Next send out notices in groups. Lastly you may want to im people you think who may be interested in the event and let them know about it.

Remember your goal is to get people to the event or venue you are trying to teleport them to. Mass teleporting will probably result in the opposite occuring.

How to handle being mass teleported:

The first thing I always do is im the person and say no thank you for the invitation. If its just a rare occurrence, I let it go. But if the person is a constant mass tper, I do ask that they stop mass teleporting me. If they continue, I usually check the box so that they cannot see me online in Second Life. I also suggest to them that they find other ways to advertise.

If the mass teleporting continues, I usually either uncheck the box where the person can see me online or I delete them (if it is not a close friend of course).

For our next helping of SL Etiquette 101, we will discuss how to handle gossiping and rumors! Until next time!




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