Windlight Contributor Myra Wildmist covers the reopening of Furillen:

A few weeks ago, in my post on copying a sim’s Windlight, I bemoaned the loss of one of Second Life’s most beloved sims, Furillen.

The loss of Furillen was like losing a treasured work of art – it was not something that was going to be easily replaced. And Furillen was a work of art.

Furillen was, in my mind, one of those perfect sims, a lovely example of how a sim could be so much more than just a build with water and hills and scattered buildings. It was the perfect combination of elements – the Windlights, the terrain, the buildings and trees, and even the sim’s music, all coming together to create an experience reminiscent of the tranquility and artistry of a Zen garden.

Furillen was a photographer’s dream sim – many SL photographers practically lived there – and the thousands of photos taken at Furillen reflect that. But just like a Zen garden, it was a lovely place to just go and hang out, a place to sit – in one of Furillen’s now-famous chairs – and let the serenity of the sim soothe you.

It’s snowing in Furillen now


If you never had a chance to go to Furillen, maybe you’re new to SL or never heard about it or kept telling yourself you’d get around to it, don’t despair – Furillen has reopened.

Serene Footman, Furillen’s creator, reopened Furillen “due to popular demand”. It’s just for a while, sort of an encore return, so if you missed it before, now’s your chance. Don’t miss it this time.

You can visit Furillen, here.


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