Windlight Magazine’s Marketing Coordinator, Jessi is back with another SL Etiquette 101! This time she discusses how to handle gossip and rumors in Second Life:

Welcome to another helping of SL Etiquette 101! In this edition, I will discuss how to handle gossiping and rumors from both sides of the equation…

“Gossip Folks” by Missy Elliot:

Imagine that you are logging into Second Life from a very long day at work, you are looking forward to spending time with your friends or just relaxing in world. Once you log in, you notice several off lines and two notecards listed as urgent in your inventory. You open up the notecards and see that someone has started a nasty rumor about you. You next read the flashing ims and also find out that someone you trusted, has started to gossip about you to others. What do you do?

If you find yourself in the situation above, I have a few tips:

Gossip and Rumors About You: If the gossip and/or rumors are about you, the first thing to do is to not lose your cool or control. Take a deep breath before you respond. The only ones who need an explanation are your close friends and loved ones in Second Life. If the gossip and/or rumor is about your business or organization then work to prepare an official statement that will be sent to your groups and social media websites.

Find the Source: Finding the source of any gossip and/or rumor can be tough but if you know the source, contact that person and find out why they spread the gossip and/or rumor about you. Stay calm and do not give the person anymore reason to continue spreading falsehoods about you or your business

Continue on as  Usual: While this may be hard to do, a good way to quiet gossipers and/or rumors is to continue your usual Second Life tasks and hobbies. If the gossip and/or rumor is about your business in Second Life, continue business as usual. In fact make a few new items and release them.

Forgot All About It: This is usually the hardest reaction to any gossip and/or rumor. As you may be angry and hurt about the entire situation. Ignoring it and not commenting and conducting business as usual, will send a message that you are not worried about the gossip and/or rumor because they are lies to begin with and why should you worry about lies, right?

Surround Yourself With True Friends and Loved Ones: The biggest issue one can have is if the gossip and/or rumor was told by someone you trusted. If this is the case and you can verify without a doubt that someone close to you has started gossip and/or a rumor about you, then you should shut this person(s) out of your Second Life immediately. Delete, mute, and cut off all contact as the person (s) are obviously not to be trusted.

So what do you do if you are sent gossip and/or rumors about a friend in Second Life? Should you tell your friend? Should you pass it along?

DO NOT pass along gossip! No matter how much you may want to share the gossip and/or rumors do not pass it along to anyone. In fact you may want to tell the person who told you the gossip and/or lies to stop spreading it.

Should I tell My Friend(s)? If the gossip is about a close friend or friends, then you should tell them what was said about them. Put yourself in their shoes. If someone was gossiping and starting rumors about you, you would more than likely want to know. Besides if your friend or friends find out that you knew about the gossip and/or rumors later and did not tell them, they will assume that you were in on the lying also.

A good rule of thumb is to keep secrets secrets and to never repeat gossip and/or rumors. Try to keep your Second Life drama free!

Until next time!

Jessi 🙂




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