Sisse Singhs_01.png

Windlight Art Critic & Gallery Reviewer, Oema, reviews the new Sisse Singhs exhibition:

Wandering through exhibitions, I had the pleasure to discover Sisse Singhs whose artistic show is hosted by Panquehue.

I always feel a great pleasure in stopping to contemplate the work of real artists, those artists in real life who import images of their paintings in second life.

As Sisse Singhs ,which has set an enchanting performance of her many artistic works and that certainly I invite you to visit.

The pastel colors are her favorite pieces, delicate and barely mentioned the contours.

She prefers to paint flowers, fruits and landscapes even if she exposes herself in the realization of more complex abstract works also.

Looking at her paintings, you notice a remarkable artistic evolution, as if the author had gone through several periods of growth.

In fact, you see a traditional start, the “classic” realization of paintings depicting flower pots of various types and fruit vases shapes.

Sisse Singhs.png

Little by little, the author acquires security and her stroke manifests prominently.

The watercolors by Sisse Singhs acquire greater definition and at the same time greater harmony.

I stop to admire these works, and I think about the author.

I see her in her original meticulous artistic approach, making faithful reproductions of flowers and fruits.

I observe her while she gets safety in her technique and her capacity generally, to achieve customize her work in a so unique and creative way.

I admire her as she dares to vent her moods in her artistic creations, abstract paintings with interesting colors and contours.

Sisse has correctly imported and decided to show her large-scale works, allowing the viewer to enjoy her evolution, from the beginning to the artistic maturity.

Evolution that, as happens with all the most popular artists, can break the mold, by the rules, to touch the pinnacle in a unique style, a technique that allows to recognize the artist with certainty among various jobs.

I believe that Sisse has reached a great artistic maturity, which I think has not stopped, but it can continue through the depiction of very different subjects.

I see in the artist sweetness, calmness, elegance and simplicity.

Sisse Singhs_02.png

She transmits serenity and security, both through the use and the choice that makes of the color, either through the boundaries that are never too pronounced nor too “aggressive.”

As she says about herself, in a little presentation appearing briefly at the entrance of the exhibition, her paintings are a reflection of her mood.

A mood that occurs to me, is very stable and settled on serenity and positivity.

I was able to appreciate the brightness of the perfect structure for the paintings, it enhances the colors and contours without annoying.

The sim is also home to other artists, which I will certainly have pleasure to talk to in other reviews.

For now, I invite you to visit the Sisse’s Art Gallery who made an important and significant art exhibition of her works.

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