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The Stars and Stripes Hunt in support of the Feed A Smile Charity has started! All items in this hunt are 10 lindens and you are looking for a red, white and blue box!  100% proceeds goes to Feed A Smile and Windlight Magazine will match all donations, plus make a larger donation at the end of the hunt! The hunt ends on the 15th of July so have fun hunting! We have listed ads and slurls to the merchants who are participating in the hunt, along with hints below:

  1. Prism Designs – – Hint: When the postman calls, he might find a package near the mailbox.
  2. Miss Darcy – – Hint: The lightness of your being is almost unbearable.
  3. FLOOD- – Hint: I shall rest with all the other USA flag items.
  4. Bindu Gallery – Hint:  Up the stairs, behind the chairs, on the square.
  5. %Percent Furniture and Lighting- Hint:  What would General Grant do?
  6. The Edge Gallery-**6 separate prizes** Hint:
    There are six here to be found, have a wander around inside both the buildings and dont forget outside too, by the rocks and the trees and relaxing places.
  7. CKB Gallery-  Hint:  Look behind a Tuscan hill
  8. Kaerri- Hint:  liberty on the Rothko patio
  9. Maven Homes-  Hint: *in La Coupole* of minutes, I’m in the wine cellar

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