Night Window
Night Window

Windlight Art Critic and Gallery Reviewer, Oema, reviews the work of Amona Savira:

The professional world of S.Life is very varied.
On the other hand it is not surprising, in fact in most cases those who carry out an activity in S.Life does it as a hobby, as a moment of relaxation and detachment from reality.  S.Life is the world of fantasy, where everyone is free to dream and to present itself in an activity and also in a work who, perhaps, is not done in a professional way, but certainly with passion and fun.

Okay so, I disagree with those who railed against those who are proposed in a job or business as a simple fun and enjoyment, accusing them of not being up to the job they perform.  To everyone must be given the freedom to express themselves, it’s just natural that those who have a more professional approach in their occupation, will have greater success.

S.Life, after all, is no different from R.Life and success is given by several factors, including the professionalism, spirit of adaptation and, of course, a little luck. Between people (very few) that in S.Life perform a task in a professional manner is definitely Amona Savira.

The peculiarity of Amona is not only in the fact that her artistic approach is of great charm and emotional impact, but also that art plays an important role in her R.Life. Amona, therefore, is wide-ranging artist, with considerable experience in R.Life even before the S.Life.  As always, at the end of the article, I leave all references to be able to better appreciate her fine work; Now my impressions observing the variety of shapes and colors of her images.
Color is a key aspect in the work of this remarkable artist, because it changes, even radically, the meaning of an image. This is particularly evident precisely in one of her last works, “In the shadow“, which I appreciate particularly.

In the Shadow
In the Shadow

The brightness that surrounds the woman sitting in the chair has all its intensity and color, giving the image a surreal atmosphere.  As always, each one captures aspects also very different in an image, I personally saw a woman running through a bad period, taken by despair but, in that moment when the picture was taken, she sees the “light rays “a brighter future, more hopeful.
I thought from the outset the idea of a woman who lives by switching between hospitals and care, but sees a glimmer of hope for the future. I went to visit the permanent exhibition of Amona in East Art Gallery where I have noted the importance of color in her work.

The same trip can take on different meanings, more or less intense, more or less emotionally charged thanks to the color and the role it plays in the image. Some of her works are in black and white style, also marked in the features. In others to black and white are added notes of intense color, like red.

Red Flower
Red Flower

The way to work on the image, set its brightness, choosing the gradation of color, to give light to the scene of parties, they show a remarkable artistic ability.  Amona struck me with her beautiful “In the shadow“.
I admired first on Facebook and then shared with pleasure in my art dedicated group.  Looking at the pictures that Amona shares in her Flickr, you realize that she is able to achieve very different styles together, all developed with intensity and artistic detail.
Images shot in R.Life are mixed with those taken S.Life, giving artistic dignity to every shot, indifferently from the setting of the photo.  Amona has considerable experience in the arts, as mentioned.  She started taking pictures in S.Life about 6 years ago and during this period she participated in several art exhibitions.
A complete list of her performances can be found in the presentation NC at the main exhibition at the East Art Gallery, and I invite you to go and gaze in a free moment.



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