Windlight Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, Jessi, is back with another SL Etiquette post! This time she explores SL Profiles:

Hi everyone! I am back with another slice of SL Etiquette 101, this time I am going to cover tips on how to perfect your SL profile. Please note that your profile is yours and that this article is merely tips to help a variety of people who may want to gear their profile towards a specific genre in Second Life.

Let’s start with merchant profiles:

Any established merchant knows that their profile can be the mouthpiece of their Second Life business. From business policies to blogging opportunities, a merchant’s profile can contain much useful information for their customers. Here are a few things you should do as a merchant to make your profile even more useful:

  1. Update all profile picks and classified ads to ensure that they contain the right teleports and locations
  2. If you do not have an inworld business, ensure that your marketplace link is on your profile
  3. You may want to list store business such as if you give refunds and redelivery information
  4. Make sure that your business contact list is up to date. This is important if you have had recent employee changes
  5. List your preferred contact method (notecards, ims, email, etc…)
  6. You should also make sure that any social media and website links are valid and up to date

The goal is to ensure that your customers can have access to your products and services that you provide and to ensure that they obtain the correct information

You can also list if you are going to be away from Second Life for awhile. This is very helpful for people who may have an issue with your product and service and need help asap

Entertainer Profiles:

If you are an entertainer in Second Life, you also want to ensure that your profile is up to date. Your profile should include booking information, your calendar link, and preferred method of contact. If you are seeking bookings then you definitely want to point potential customers in the right direction on how to book you and your availability.

Employee Profiles:

You may work for a business or organization that requires you to place that business in your picks, along with links. This should be non negotiable if you agreed to this before you were employed with the said business or organization. Some businesses and organizations in Second Life may also have a ratings rule, meaning that you cannot post any adult places and content on your profile. If such rules bother you then you should reconsider working at such places, as a business and organization has the right to require their employees to follow such rules.

So what if you do not fit in the categories above and you simply want a good Second Life profile? Lets look at just setting up a regular general profile.

General Profile Basics:

Photo-you should strive to have a great photo of yourself. After all you should be proud of your avatar! As for real life photos, this is really up to you. While some people are fine with posting real life photos on their profile, others simply do not want to mix real and Second Life. I always tell people to use their best judgement here.

Groups – its up to you to show or hide your groups. Remember that as you join groups in Second Life they automatically are shown on your profile. If you have businesses that you frequent and want to help promote them, you can leave the group showing on your profile.

Picks – be careful when placing picks. Remember that picks can lead to teleports to places, so if you have a pick at your place of residence of Second Life, people can find out where you live.  A good rule of thumb, if you want to keep your place of residence hidden is to make a pick at a random place in Second Life. If you are a business in Second Life you will want to place your business location on your picks and include up to date information in regards to your customer service policies and contacts. If you have moved locations recently, ensure that your picks are updated. If you are a live performer or musician in Second Life, your picks can include your booking information and your schedule information.

Classifieds-if you have a business or a special event you have organized or if you provide services in Second Life, you may consider taking out a classified ad. Classified ads are useful if you have a business location that has a centralized landing point or is an unparceled location. Classifieds place your location in Second Life search. Remember to always update your classifieds if you relocate in Second Life and to delete them if you no longer need them, as they cost 50 lindens per week or more.

The Real Life Section – this section is entirely up to you on what you place here. You may notice that many in Second Life do not place anything here as they do not want Second Life and real life to mix, while others have no problem listing some real life information, including a real life photo. The level of real life that you want to list is entirely up to you, as is the rest of your profile information. I do suggest to friends if you are seeking a Second Life only relationship and are 100% certain that real life and Second Life will never mix, then you should post something to this effect, as this saves people time who are looking to date someone in Second Life and go real life with them.

I hope that you have enjoyed this helping of SL Etiquette 101! Until next time!

Jessi 🙂



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