Art Installation by Myra Wildmist –

Congrats to Kultivate Contributor Myra Wildmist on her new exhibition!

Myra Wildmist is a very talented photographer in Second Life that often uses projectors and light in her work. She currently has an art installation at the University of Western Australia (UWA) Exhibition.

Myra’s installation is called “Dancer” and she has used projectors to give it an interesting perspective.When you teleport to her installation, you will see a ball in the middle of cylinders. You sit on that ball and you will see yourself rotating and dancing in ballet poses from Nantra Poses. While you rotate, you will see your shadow being projected behind you on the cylinders by the use of projectors. In order to see this properly you need to have your “Advanced Lighting Model enabled, set shadows to Sun/Moon + Projectors and Avatar Shadows to complex in the graphics tab under preferences. Finally, you set your windlight to Phototools – No Light (available in the Firestorm viewer) and you will get the full effect.

I did all of this and made a video, which you can watch on YouTube: love these kinds of art installations that are not only beautiful to look at but very interactive and get us involved. It was a lot of fun playing with it and making a video. Teleport over to Myra’s Dancer installation now and try it out for yourself!

Source: Art Installation by Myra Wildmist –

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