Art in SL photography and (artistic) shots by Paola Mills

Kultivate Art Critic and Gallery Reviewer, Oema, reviews the work of Paola Mills:

In S.Life world, expression modes are endless: from photography to video, from fashion to art, from construction to music, are really disparate activities that allow people to better express themselves.

Especially photography, in recent years, has taken an important role, as witnessed by the numerous Flickr account related to S.Life Avatar who share every day millions of shots.

It starts with an occasional photo, to collect dozens of shots, hoping to find “the right one”:  the “right angle, the “right” light, “right” expression, the “right” pose.

In the end you take the taste of photography that, soon, become a real passion.

This also happened to Paola Mills, S.Life photographer.

Paola, Italian and more specifically in Turin, has an elementary use of Photoshop software, as she wishes to state.

Working her shots really little, she captures many ones, to be able to have a choice of camera angles, lighting and positions.

S.Life Photography limit has always been the lack of realism, due both to the features of the avatar is the ambiance of the game, let’s say, compared to other 3D games, lacks definition and body (instead aspects present in games more evolved, like Black Desert, just to give an example).

With the arrival of mesh in S.Life, this limit has been reduced, although not resolved (just look at any picture taken inside game Black Desert, to realize it).

The realism appearance is important to Paola, inspired preferably R.Life photographers.

Working to a minimum on the shots taken, the variety in the choice of Windlight settings is important for Paola, which makes extensive use of chiaroscuro.

Leafing through her Flickr channel, a channel with many followers catches the eye Paola Mills preference for black and white and light and shadows.

Color when there is appears just outlined, added to the image almost by accident, in an unguarded moment.

The subjects she prefers and which offers are mostly social outcasts, people who live, for various reasons, emotional distress.

An example? Here it is: this picture is described with words “I’m Through with screaming echoes nobody hears“, seems to narrate the distress, the suffering, the marginalized.


Paola Mills Copyrighted_01Black and white are the background, bright red lips of the Eastern girl from staring looks like a mistake, like fingernails, each one with a different color.

Glare of the light coming (perhaps) from a window at the top right, kisses the sad face of the girl who finds in that moment of brightness, her hope.

The extensive tattooing on the body highlights the rebellion, the desire to make a difference from the social context.

In this post I wanted to put a “magnifying glass” on one of the works of Paola Mills, but each of her shots is suitable to be carefully watched.

Paola’s photographs have a strong emotional impact, for not only the observer, but I think, for the same author.


PaolaMillscopyrighted_02pngFears, hardships, pains are “expelled” from Paola through the careful and attentive photo exhibition.

From this point of view, I see a strong cathartic effect that art produces on her.

Paola Style reminds me, at times, to Sebastiao Salgado, who is artistic gaze on society and forgotten.

Sebastiao Salgado_03

Brazilian by birth and Parisian by adoption, Sebastiao is one of the leading contemporary photographers.

After a trip to Africa, he felt the need to tell the world through images. Africa and Latin America are the focus of his early work, studying for long months their “forget realities.”

Photos of Sebastiao always have a strong emotional and social impact.

Paola has the same sensibility, she tells stories that denounce situations of marginalization, of oblivion, through S.Life images.

A mission for Paola, to entice you to see those who are normally removed (for convenience) from the “view”, “social forgotten”.


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