From The Editor’s Desk

An Editorial: On Whom Ill Words Reflect…

In establishing Windlight and Kultivate brands in Second Life, I’ve been amazed at the outpouring of talent and support I’ve received. In the course of 15 months, what started as an idea to establish a gallery and magazine to support visual arts in Second Life has grown into something which amazes me.

It would be easy to declare the success of both Kultivate and Windlight as being down to myself, or one or two others – but the truth is, the success runs much broader than any individual. Kultivate and Windlight are about a broad range of people from across Second Life, all of whom are willing to put their time, effort, talent, skill, and support into our magazine, our shows, and our events. Artists, writers, creators, designers, models, performers – all of them have played parts large and small in building Kultivate and bringing success to our door.

Which is why I find it odd that time and again, others active within Second Life seem to be driven by a desire to repeatedly tear at all that has been built around the idea of Windlight Magazine and the Kultivate brand, whether it be attacks on our efforts, decrying our in-world facilities, or attempting to undermine our events through innuendo or mis-representation. I honestly have no idea if such actions are driven by jealousy, a false sense of injustice, upset towards the many facets of the Kultivate brand – the magazine, the gallery, our fashion and charity interests – or simply a personal dislike of myself manifesting as attacks on our brand.

What I do know is that when it happens, I am saddened. Not because such attacks personally hurt me, but because – in truth – they reflect so poorly on those responsible for making them. Kultivate and Windlight really are about a whole community of people whose lives are woven throughout the fabric of Second Life, and generic attacks on Kultivate and Windlight do nothing other than denigrate their work and tireless efforts – and that speaks very poorly of those responsible for making those attacks. It also speaks of a certain weakness on their part.

If anyone has any issue with myself or what I do, all they have to do is IM me or pass me a notecard. None of us are perfect, and I’m only too aware I can rub people the wrong way, However, I’d like to think I’m adult enough to take criticism and correct matters where I have perhaps been out-of-line. But simply throwing mud at Kultivate and / or windlight isn’t either an adult or professional means of dealing with problems or issues when they are perceived as cropping up.

If you’re offended by this, then I’m sorry; however, I would respectfully suggest you look to your own reasons for being upset, rather than giving in to unseemly bouts of pettiness, and consider how such actions might reflect personally on yourself or your own brand.


Author: John

Owner, Publisher, & Editor In Chief of KultivateMagazine

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