Kultivate Art  Critic and Gallery Reviewer Oema, explores the work of Ariel Brearly:

They’re good. They are very good. Yet they do not want to exhibit their works Inwold, at best expose on Flickr. That’s why you need to go to find them and get them out of their burrow.

One of this very respectable photographers and artists is Ariel Brearly, whose works are technically and artistically excellent. I had the pleasure to know her when Dixmix Source invited me to visit his gallery. On that occasion he explained that there are many talented artists on Flickr ranging encouraged to expose Inworld, also promoting itself through an opening. No sooner said than done. Dixmix “gives” a large space at his Gallery, at the entrance, with two floors of exhibition. Pictures you see are from an old collection owned by Dix.

The amazing photographs on display on this occasion are bleak, dark and disturbing.
It does not even seem to be in front of photographs taken in Second Life, but traditional art works.  The technical capability to perform this type of “virtual art” is admirable.
Especially because the starting point is a photograph taken in Second Life, with all the (large) limits that entails.  First of all, the lack of expressiveness of the faces that, inevitably, are all very similar to each other.

Ariel has found an expressive technique that eliminates the problem of a photo taken in Second Life.

Observing her Flickr profile you realize that she is capable to make use of different styles; with an overall glance you notice that her works are mostly dark, in some cases very close to horror.

Some photos seem high quality surrealist artworks such as “The Cuckoo“.

the cuckoo
The Cuckoo

The human form is processed to convey messages, sensations, such as in “Folie à Deux“.

Folie à Deux
Folie a Deux

Each artistic work is structured so as to have a precise meaning and message, the result, probably a feeling lived by the artist. What is striking it is the ease with which manages to perfect her “artistic intent.”  “Horror” Style in photography attracts since time interesting talents, such as Johsua Offine or Phil Kneen.

Personally I find the work of Ariel much more appealing than that of the two aforementioned photographers.  While working with Second Life photographs (therefore less expressive by definition), Ariel gets good results, she is communicative.  The overlapping of images, shapes and colors is unique in each image. She also has the added value to propose a single art style, sign of identification with her eclectic personality.

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