SL Photography: Simulating a 24mm lens

Kultivate contributor, Myra Wildmist, discusses how you can simulate a 24mm lens in Second Life:

Last time we looked at how you could use Firestorm (FS) Phototools to mimic a 20mm wide-angle lens. This time we’re going to look at simulating a 24mm lens.

Lenses between 20-24mm in focal length are considered ultra wide-angle lenses. In real life, they’re often used for landscape, architectural, and interior photos. In Second Life, they’re useful for the same tasks, plus they’re good for capturing an entire sim.

Settings for the 24mm lens

I’ve chosen the Nikon AF-S Nikkor 24mm as the 24mm lens to simulate. Set the following Phototool settings as follows:

View angle – 1.466
FoV- 84 degrees
Foc Length – 24
f-number – 1.8-16

These settings are found in Phototools (Alt+p) under the DoF/Light tab.


Sample images

The two images below illustrate the difference between using the default lens settings and the 24mm setting.

The first photo of the room was taken with the default settings for taking photos in SL. I turned on the depth of field (You have to change your lens settings.), but did nothing else to the settings.

Room photo using SL default settings

The second photo was taken using the settings above for a 24mm lens. The photo was taken at the exact same camera position, but it gives you the impression it’s farther back in the room. It also gives you a wider view of the room.

Room photo using 24mm lens settings


Style thoughts

Wide-angle lenses open up your field of view, bringing more of the environment around you into your photo. They’re great for interiors and landscape, in particular. The 24mm lens can be especially effective for photographing interiors.


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