If you are a curator or a gallery owner in Second Life, you may have ran into the problem of finding a building that meets your gallery requirements. I know that when I changed galleries early during the building of Windlight Art Gallery, it took me about 2 months to find the current build that I am using.

There are a few things to consider when trying to find that perfect build:

  1. How Many Prims Do You Have? This is very important because if your land can only hold a small number of prims, then your gallery build will have to reflect this. While mesh is prevalent on the grid, at times your preferred build may still be over your land’s prim budget
  2. Land Size: This too will influence the type of build that you use for your gallery. You could have a smaller parcel but benefit from many prims due to land group sharing of prims or by sim prim bonuses.
  3. Cost: Just how much do you want to spend on the gallery? This does not mean you cannot find a decent gallery building, it does mean that a custom job may be out of the question if you cannot afford it.
  4. Gallery Theme: What is the theme of the gallery? For example if your theme is medieval you probably will not want a very modern looking gallery building and vice versa.
  5. Number of Artists: This will influence the type of partitions you may or may not use for artists to set up in your gallery.If the gallery is just for your own personal artwork, then this obviously will not be an issue, but if you would like a decent number of artists, then you will want a decent sized building to set up in.
  6. Will the Gallery Host Events? If you do not have the land size to host events say outside the gallery, then you will probably host events in the gallery. Will the gallery build be large enough to host events you may want to have in support of the artists?

After considering these items, choose your preferred build and begin setting up your gallery! In the next Curator’s Corner we will discuss how and where to find artists.

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